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Hotel Ajanta's Restaurant attempts to serve the favourite food for all pallets. Their expert chefs & cooks ensure the flavours of the multi-cuisine food. Hotel Ajanta caters to more than 5000 foreign tourist every year. The hotel truly realizes the significance of Hygiene for a foreign tourists traveling to India. The water served here is pure mineral water and the food & crockery are all steamed before serving and put in clean storage spaces.

If you are an absolute food-junkie, then Delhi is the place to be. This Indian capital is certainly gifted with diversity in languages, culture, heritage, dialects, history and cuisines. Be set on putting your taste buds to maximum use, if you plan to stop over in Delhi, for this is a place where you get all kinds of mouth watering cuisines that range from one end to another. There are various destinations in Delhi where you can get wholesome and rustic experience of eating. The ghosts of the past and the vibrant modernity seem to have become one. Exploring the restaurants here can be one good way of experiencing the best of Delhi. They have certainly succeeded in replicating the nicest and at times the touching yester year events of Delhi.

Today, Hotels of Delhi serve world class cuisines like Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, Italian etc and these are associated with Indian cuisines like North Indian, Rajasthani, Marwari food, South Indian etc. As if it is not enough, then there is the most scrumptious street food of Delhi. Chaat, Tikki and Gol Gappe (spiced water filled in the balls made of dough, also called as paani puri) top the list. The Pao Bhaji from Maharashtra is found favourable because of its availability and low rates. Chowmin (Chinese), Manchurians, Dimsum (popularly called as momos in Delhi is of Tibetan origin) etc. are mostly sought out by students. Then there are Kathi rolls, Burgers, Sandwiches of all kinds, and much more. Delhiites can reel of these names with both their hands tied and eyes shut.

Delhi cuisines are capable of making any guest the staunch honorary citizens of the city. Compared to the luscious food here, other attractions seem secondary. If one could set up a school for cooking Delhi delicacies, lot of people would sign up and it would indeed be a noble cause.
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